Understanding Aging and Testosterone

One thing that is constant in life is change. This is evident in both your physique, way of thinking, interest and abilities among other factors. The outer change that is seen in you is as a result of inner growth and development of your body. Hormones play a significant role in shaping the person you become. Hormonal changes can put you in a turmoil and make you feel as if you have no idea of who you are. There are many hormones in the body performing different functions. However, the hormone that is responsible for development of secondary characteristics is called Testosterone Hormone and it is important to understand how this hormone works.

Testosterone hormone is produced in the gonads. Your body and brain works hand in hand to ensure that you have optimal level of this hormone. The production starts when you reach puberty and that when you start to develop the characteristics that shows you are no longer the tender boy you used to be. The shoulders broaden, your voice deepens, growth of pubic hair and on the chest for some men, experiencing wet dreams and growth of strong muscles. Besides, it stimulates the production of sperms in large counts and keeps you interested in sex throughout your adulthood. You become bold and authentic keeping you in a good position to stand out as a man who can even be able to raise his own family when times comes. The challenges comes in when you reach a certain age, (for most men it happens when they are in their 30s) and you start noticing some unpleasant changes like having low libido, inability to satisfy your partner in bed and declined energy where you notice that you can’t be able to handle some tasks that you used to prior. Life begins to become boring but that is not something you should be worried about.

Anti-aging treatments may help you to overcome the challenges you are experiencing but you should take a point of going a step further to understand the causes. The fluctuations that you are experiencing are just an indication that you may be having a low production of testosterone hormone which is normal. Testosterone levels usually decrease with age. According to recent studies, most men have their testosterone levels reduce when they are in their late twenties or in their early thirties. This is mostly caused by genetic changes but your lifestyle may contribute to this and it is important to get your testosterone level tested. You can easily overcome normal testosterone levels using different measures as I will explain later. However, your decrease in testosterone level may require immediate medical attention. It can be caused by other factors including liver or kidney disease, obesity, HIV and AIDS, diabetes, testicular injury or cancer, hormonal imbalance among others. A blood test will help you know the cause of the problem.

It is important to take the initiative of embracing different measures that will help you to increase you testosterone level. Sometimes the causes are unknown and a solution is all that you need. Testosterone Replacement Therapy may be the solution to men who are having extremely low testosterone. This is rarely the case and the treatment is usually very expensive, so one needs not to if it is not a must.

Decreased testosterone may only be a signal that you need to lose some weight, or change your lifestyle in other words. You can boost your T level naturally by being keen on your diet and adding foods that are known to lead to increased testosterone in your plate. Physical exercise is another important measure that we can’t afford to overlook since you will reap many benefits from it. There are also many natural testosterone supplements in the market today. They have been proved to be safe and effective and you may find it important to look for one that suits you best and you will enjoy living your life fully. Buying a high quality supplement may be the key to having effective supplementation.

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